Our lives are made up of memories. Our memories can be triggered by a song, a smell, a touch, or an event.

An event….the day you were born….the day you trusted Jesus….your first day of kindergarten….the day you entered Sunday School….your first Communion….your first Bible….your Baptism….your first job….your driver’s license….your high school graduation….these are all events that create memories that make up your life.

Milestones are the recognition and celebration of these life events. Milestones differ from regular celebrations in that they are spiritual in nature and they occur only once in a lifetime. Milestones give the individual and faith community the opportunity to remember God’s faithfulness, celebrate God’s presence, and anticipate the fulfillment of God’s promises. These moments remind us that we are simply a small part in Gods bigger story. It is this story, His story,  that connects us to one another.

At Westbrook Community Church we will celebrate a Milestone event this Sunday, November 6. We will recognize the children who will receive a bible. This will surely be a moment that will become a memory for both these children and their parents….that we, as a faith family get the honor and privilege of being invited into, creating a memory connecting us all.