Sunday mornings nearly always mean a hurried exit from our home and  donuts eaten in the car on the way to church. A great healthy start to the day!  All healthy eating aside have you ever REALLY looked at a donut? Its missing the middle.   For all the glaze, chocolate or sprinkles on the outside it can’t disguise the missing middle.  Most of us never notice the middle is missing, we just enjoy the sweet morning treat.  Others focus on that missing piece – the piece that would surely satisfy or perhaps be the best part of the whole treat!

Thankfulness is a lot like donuts.  We all have so much to be thankful for but we sometimes become obsessed with what we are missing.  We become sure that the missing piece – the newer car, the bigger house, the newest gadget, a husband, a wife or children – will bring complete satisfaction.  The truth is we are never satisfied.  We are always looking for the next thing.  You know, that ‘thing’ that will complete us or finally bring us happiness.  We focus on the hole  instead of enjoying the goodness of the  donut.

We can choose to focus on the delicious donut instead of the hole.  We can choose to be thankful for the blessings of each day.  We can choose to recognize and thank God for these blessings.  Thanksgiving is nearly here.  Why not start now?  Start looking at the ways that God has blessed you each day and say ‘Thank You’.  When we choose to be thankful our focus shifts from us and our current circumstance  to God and His blessings.  It is then that we also remember that God has been faithful and provided for us all along.   Let thankfulness be our goal always. Let us focus on the donut and not the hole.



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