Don’t Miss It

Numbers.  It seems our life is run by numbers.  The numbers on the clock.  The number of days until that thing happens.  The number of candles on the cake. Numbers all around us.

We often think of numbers as a negative thing.  What if we could use numbers to inspire us to live differently?  What if those numbers that are on the clock give us an opportunity to do more, to be more?

52 weeks in a year.  52 opportunities to invite someone to join you at a church service, an event, or a Bible study.

936 weeks from birth to high school graduation. 936 weeks to love…to make this week and the next one matter.

10,080 the number of minutes in a week.  How will you make this minute count?  And the next?

86,400 the number of seconds today.  A second can change a life – an accident; a birth; a death. A second can change a day – a smile; a wink; a laugh.

Numbers.  Will you let numbers slip away or will you embrace each one?