Hope In Reality

This past week I had a long drive to make.  So, I decided to listen through the book of Mark because I hadn’t read through it in a while.  I also thought I should because our last series journeyed through the book.  I didn’t have any expectations about what I would get out of it.  I thought it would be a good exercise leading into the week of Easter.

As I listened to Jesus’ journey to the cross, I was drawn to how many people missed what was really happening.  The 12 people that Jesus chose as his closest companions completely missed the boat.  Even after he had been put into the tomb, they were lost and disillusioned with all that had happened.  They were so narrowly focused on what they had preconceived to be the truth, that they missed out on the beauty of what truly was happening.  And what was happening was so much greater than anything they could have imagined.

It’s cliché to say that this is a metaphor for us, but true and appropriate none-the-less.  We’re so often focused on something we want or need that we miss out on what is there for us.

Sometimes it’s simple.

Sometimes it’s profound.

Sometimes it’s a truth we don’t want to hear.

My hope for us, as the Church, is that we don’t continue to miss out on what Jesus is providing for us.  He’s laid truths in front of each one of us.  He came so that we could live in the fullness of reality.

That reality is often times very different from the false ones we choose to live in.