Where is truth?

I use to coach my son’s baseball team and loved doing it, in fact I miss coaching. But I remember this one time when we were just starting the season and at our first practice we had to have a parents meeting to cover all the important information for the season. So when the boys arrived with their parents I sent to boys out on the field just to play a little game by themselves while I spoke with the parents.
These 12 year old boys divided into teams and drew bases in the ground because there weren’t any real bases out there. They were playing along while I and the parents were going over all the schedules and expectations and everything was fine until there was a close call at second. Then an argument broke out. You were out, no I wasn’t out. You didn’t have your foot on the base, I don’t even know where the base it. I was safe. No you were out! Finally one of the dad’s got up and went out to the field and started umpiring so the boys would stop arguing with each other. And I laughed because that is so typical of 12 year old boys. But when we were going home I asked my son about it. I said what do you do when your playing ball and there is no parents around to umpire and there is an argument. He just rolled his shoulders and said, well we argue and usually the loudest person wins and we go back to playing.
I was reading an editorial article from the Washington Post that someone sent me and it was an interesting article that took a definitive position so I decided to read the comments that people added at the end of the article. And the comments blew me away. They were so mean spirited and angry and saying hurtful things to each other. It reminded me of some Facebook posts during the election. When friends of mine would begin arguing politics it was bloody. My thought was these are the adult versions of a 12 year old boys playing baseball with no umpire. One person says, I’m on the base and another person says, Not your not you are out. One person says this is the truth that everyone needs to believe and then another person says no it’s not this is the real truth. What is the basis for truth? And who gets to decide what is true?

Jesus made it clear that he considered the scriptures as the place we can find truth and as we submit to scripture and God’s power we can know and walk in the truth. But we have to consistently get God’s word in our lives. Do you have a plan for reading the Bible regularly? Below is a plan to read through the Bible in a year. I would encourage you jump into it if you don’t have another plan or look for a plan that fits you. There are lots of reading plans on the Bible app called You Version. Pick one and happy reading!

Bible reading plan