This Sunday, June 4th, we are celebrating all that God has done for us this past year. We will hear stories from people of God’s work in their lives, we have around 20 short videos that folks have sent in and we will have a big picnic after the service to continue the celebration and connect with each other. We are going to do this in one service that begins at 10 am and continue this schedule of one service at 10 am throughout the summer.

We will also hear more about the purchase agreement we signed for land for our future site and the process moving forward. It will be a great morning, I hope you can join us.

This service and picnic is one of the highlights of the year for me. I love to hear faith stories of how God has worked in people’s lives, I love to hang out with people at the picnic and I love to eat! Please join us and celebrate the goodness and grace of God. See you there!