Back to School

Fall is here.  Kids are back in school.  You did it!  You purchased the supplies and posted the first day photos.  Now how do you keep that excitement going?  How do you make this the best year yet?  Breathe.  I’m not talking about Pinterest style lunches and daily parties.  I am merely suggesting that you intentionally take an interest in your child and his/her day.  How?

Pray for and with your child daily.   Have little ones? Try this fun prayer as you are walking to school or to the bus stop.

” Jesus help me do my best

as I learn and play and rest.  

Teach me, Lord, to show Your care

at home, at school and everywhere. Amen”  

Slip a note into your child’s lunch box or backpack.  Need some suggestions?  A simple note saying “I love you” or sharing an attribute that you love about them (I love how kind you are).

You can always slip a Scripture note too! Some favorites include John 14:27, Romans 8:28, Isaiah 43:1, and Matthew 6:33.

If your child has a test or a hard situation, slip a note in reminding them that you will pray throughout the day.

Are you too exhausted to even think about anything beyond getting the kids out the door?  Skip the notes, skip the new prayer and simply take time to really listen about your child’s day; the best and the worst parts.

Children model the behaviors they observe.  Is what your modeling worth imitation?