Have you ever wondered how to explain Communion to your children or to non-believers?

The answer to understanding Communion is found in the Word (I Cor 11).   The Word shows us Communion is for believers.  We find in Matt 26, Luke 22 and I Cor 11 that Jesus wants His followers to remember Him through Communion, and that they should continue to do this until Christ returns again.

The symbolism of body and blood can be confusing for children, unbelievers and new believers.  One reason this can be confusing is because abstract thinking is not developed in children until after junior high and some adults struggle understanding symbolism as well.  It is important to understand while participating in Communion the bread and drink are not actually the physical flesh and blood of Christ.  We really don’t know anything more than that, because Jesus did not tell us any more about those elements. It’s OK to say that it’s a partial mystery to us all, because it is!

The Word also tells us that we must examine our hearts before participating in Communion (found in 1 Cor. 11:28-29).   We should always come  to the Lords table with a clean heart.  Is there something that needs confessing? Something or someone that needs an apology?  Encourage self examination before participating in the Lords Supper.  If the table is not approached with a clean, clear, understanding heart the elements presented are simply a snack.

Westbrook offers a Communion Class for children and their parents/caregivers.  The next class is Sunday, October 29 at 9 am.