First Bibles

If you have been around church for a while you probably participated in or received a bible.  The tradition of putting Bibles into the hands of children continues.  This is one of my favorite traditions.  It is my favorite for so many reasons!  I love putting the Word of God into the hands of children.  I love seeing their faces when their parents/caregivers present this carefully chosen Bible to them.  It’s exciting to sit beside a child and flip through this new Bible and note all the verses marked and comments written – all specific for this child.  The marked passages and comments all made by those who love God and love the child who holds it.

You may think this Bible Presentation Sunday is all about children and families.  You would be wrong.  Bible Presentation Sunday is a great time for all of us to remember the promises we made at baby dedication.  We promised to assist his/her parents in raising him/her in the Word.  We promised to love on this child and support each one on their path to know,  love, and choose Christ.   If you remember these promises, I think Bible Presentation Sunday may become one of your favorite traditions too.