We all have a story to tell.   Our lives are composed of many stories that communicate our past, our present and future.  We learn about each other by sharing our stories and listening to the stories of others.

God has a story too.  We find His story in our Bibles.  Through the Bible God reveals Himself to us.  In order to have a growing and deepening relationship with God we must dive into His Story.

At Westbrook we recognize that we are a small part in Gods bigger story.   One way that we  celebrate His presence, remember His faithfulness and anticipate fulfillment of His promises is by celebrating milestones.  Milestones differ from regular celebrations because they are spiritual in nature and they occur only once in a lifetime.

Join us this Sunday as we celebrate Bible Presentations.  This will surely be a moment that will become a memory for the children, their parents/caregivers and our Westbrook faith family.   What an honor and a privilege to be invited into the story of these families.