Begins Tuesday, September 18 through November 20 | 6 to 8 PM

Location: Clover Ridge Community Room |

Do you like good food? Would you like to make some new friends, hear a great speaker, ask questions about the Christian faith, and hear what other people think? Are you ready for a life changing experience? If you answered yes to any of these questions, join us!

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Questions? Contact Kimberly Moorse at

Kimberly Moorse, Alpha Ministry Coordinator

What is Alpha?

Alpha was started in London in the 1970’s and is now offered in over 169 countries, with more than 18 million participants worldwide. The Alpha ministry provides an opportunity for people to learn about the Christian faith in a relaxed, supportive, non judgmental, “Come as you are” environment. The Alpha ministry is for people who are investigating Christianity and for Christians who are seeking a better understanding of the Christian faith.

What does Alpha stand for?

“A” stands for Anyone can come

“L” is for Laughter and we have a lot of that

“P” is for Pasta …the Dinners are great

“H” is for Helping others

“A” is for Ask anything

The Alpha course is a 10 week course that meets once a week. The evening begins with a dinner, then a large group presentation, followed by a small group discussion. In the small group you get to ask questions; express your opinions; and hear what other people think.

Some of the topics that are discussed in Alpha include: Who is Jesus? Why did Jesus Die? How can I have faith? Why and how should I read the Bible? How does God Guide us? Who is the Holy Spirit? What does the Holy Spirit do? Why and how should I tell others?

For more information about the Alpha ministry contact Kimberly at