leadership board

Roger Falkenstein – Chair


I was born and raised in North Dakota, spending much of my early years working on the family farm. I came to know Christ at a very young age and was baptized and confirmed in our rural Lutheran Church, which my entire family was and still is very active with.

I received a degree in Agricultural Engineering in 1975 and my career evolved to software sales, where I have been employed by HighJump Software for the past 30 years. My wife, Julie, & I were married in 1978. We raised 3 children, who are all now married and now have 6 wonderful grandchildren.

We moved to the hobby farm we now live on near Carver in 1994 and just love the space and the opportunity to bless others by sharing the space and fruits… including pumpkins for the annual community event.

Why did you join Westbrook?
Julie and I were long standing members of the Lutheran Church and decided we needed a more Bible-based church with a caring and outreach-focused ministry. We attended Westwood Community Church for a while and were excited to learn that Westbrook was starting up with Kevin Sharpe as the pastor… since we knew of him at Westwood. Westbrook has been a great gift to us and we are so blessed to be part of the community and ministry.

What has God been teaching you?
I have been learning to be more attached to Christ with consistent prayer and devotions. After searching our convictions on baptism, as well, we decided to make and renew our profession of faith public through baptism by immersion. So, Julie and I did this together in July of 2016.

Is there an aspect of Westbrook’s future goals that particularly excites you?
More than anything, I am enthused that whatever the path we choose at Westbrook, it is done with careful prayer and listening to what God has in mind first. The attitude of serving God and his creation before ourselves is demonstrated day after day at Westbrook and this is what we want to be a part of.


Norma Evans

norma-evansNorma Evans grew up in Zumbrota, MN the daughter of a farming family. She later went to Mankato State to receive a degree in Elementary Education. This was just the beginning with a lifelong love affair with children and a deep desire to help meet their needs. After school she married and spent a year in Cleveland, OH before returning to Minnesota. Since then she has resided in the southwest suburbs now making her home in Chanhassen. She has two children and six grandchildren who are the recipients of her love, energy and faith.

Norma grew up in a Christian community with parents who were strong Christians. This ignited a desire to serve which she has in many capacities. She served as Coordinator of the Children’s Ministry, Sunday school teacher, Nursery School teacher, and Youth Leader. Over the past decade she has been a MOPS Mentor, Bible Study leader, and an integral part of Love INC. In each of these opportunities the Lord has met her in her work, encouraged her and grown her faith.

Norma’s work has always centered on children. She taught school for a short time and later accepted a position working with children with disabilities. As her own children came along she began a career doing family day care for seventeen years. When she retired from day care she continued her work with children and families in need.

Why did you join Westbrook? Most of my life I have been part of a small church community. I attended Westwood for a short time and enjoyed my worship life there but always longed for a smaller more connected community. When the opportunity to be part of Westbrook came along I felt God’s calling to be part of this new ministry.

What has God been teaching you over the past year or so? He has been showing me new ways to reach out to the hurting and the unreached. Through the demonstration of his immense Iove, he has shown me many opportunities to share his blessings. Through the building of a relationship with Him, I have been given the desire to share his love and grace with others and help them build a closer relationship with God. He has blessed me with the gift of encouragement.

Is there an aspect of Westbrook’s future goals that particularly excites you? I am interested in creating a caring community who serves the Lord first. Westbrook is on the verge of creating a place where all are welcome and embraced in their faith walk.



Randy Nelson

randyRandy Nelson and his wife, Amy, have lived in Chaska for the past 10 years. He and Amy have 5 adult children – Alex, Paige, Taylor, Nick, and Kenzie.

Randy grew up in the working-class town of Columbia Heights along with his 2 brothers, Matt & Paul where they played street baseball from sun-up to sun-down. Randy grew up in the Lutheran Church with parents, Bob & Rose Ann that live as strong Christian examples. Randy worked at the church during high school as a janitor and developed a nickname of Handy Randy.

Randy graduated from Augsburg College with an Accounting degree and later received his CPA certificate. He works with McLaughlin Gormley King Company in several positions for over 30 years currently serving as their CFO. Randy coached youth baseball for several years and served in various civic, corporate, and charitable capacities.

Why did you join Westbrook?
Amy and I were called to Westbrook by the Holy Spirit on Easter 2013. We each had different Church homes before entering into Westbrook. We felt a connection unlike any other Church experience before and were inspired by the true authenticity and hospitality of Westbrook where the thoughts and actions of its members are more important than words or appearances. Westbrook became our mutual home and God became first in our marriage.

What has God been teaching you over the past year or so?
God is teaching me more things than I can realize at the present. By God’s grace, I am more aware of the need to be more caring and loving. I am learning that love really is the answer for most, if not all, issues. He is showing me that when I allow myself to be more vulnerable and caring for others that I might find the peace from love and understanding. It’s cool and not just a catchy Elvis Costello song.

Is there an aspect of Westbrook’s future goals that particularly excites you?
It’s exciting to see the growth of the Westbrook members and, by extension, the growth of the Westbrook and Christ’s Church. I think it’s exciting to be part of a community that focuses on its actions and not its appearances (building) as we look for ways to be a blessing to others in our community.


Russ Castleman

russRuss Castleman and his family have lived in Chaska since 2013. He and his wife Johannah were married in 2005 and have 2 girls, Aundrea and Braelyn. Russ has lived in Minnesota since the age of 2 growing up in Shakopee, MN.

Russ and Johannah both have the privilege of being Pastor’s Kids and have been involved in church all of their lives. They spent 7 years serving as Youth Directors at their previous church and are involved in Youth Ministry at Westbrook as well. They both have a passion for music and have enjoyed serving in a variety of roles on worship teams together for many years.

Working with students has been a passion for Russ, watching them grow and develop into Godly young men and women; he enjoys the part he gets to play in their lives as they cultivate a relationship with God. Russ’ spiritual gifts center on Leadership and Discernment which he uses at Westbrook as he serves in Student Ministries.

Why did you join Westbrook?
My wife Johannah and I were looking for a church home in our area that cared for the needs of the body while focusing on the needs of the community. Westbrook is outwardly focused yet understands that in order for the body to be effective it needs to be healthy.

What has God been teaching you over the past year or so?
Jeremiah 29:13 “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” God has been teaching me that ‘finding’ Him still involves action on my part. Finding Him requires open eyes intent on seeing Him in my circumstances and in my relationships. When I look for Him, He is always there.

Is there an aspect of Westbrook’s future goals that particularly excites you?
What excites me about Westbrook is that the members of our body understand their unique gifts and talents and are using them for His glory. As we live out 1 Corinthians 12 and allow ourselves to be arranged according to His design, He positions us together to accomplish His purpose for His glory.


Bryce Segna

13239002_10153398592341152_3899593619893447387_nBryce Segna is a Minnesota native, born and raised in the small town of Montgomery. He attended college in River Falls, WI where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Accounting. He returned to Minnesota to begin his corporate career, holding various finance positions at Best Brands Corp, TCF Bank, and Starkey Hearing Technologies. Bryce earned his MBA through Bethel University and is currently working as a Corporate Controller at Imperial Plastics. Bryce, his wife, Stacey, and their two children, Aiden and Olivia, live in Chaska.

Bryce was raised in the Catholic Church, attended an elementary Catholic school but truly found Christ as an adult. That relationship with Christ flourished upon attending Westbrook as Scriptures began to take on a deeper, personal meaning. Bryce has served in a variety of ministries in his time at Westbrook. He has made deliveries through LOVE Inc., attempted to guide new believers in Alpha, helped steer the church’s financial decisions on the Finance Team, and has helped make Westbrook a welcoming community each Sunday by leading the Hospitality Team.

In his spare time, Bryce can be found playing Super Heroes and Star Wars with Aiden or playing Princesses and My Little Pony with Olivia.

Why did you join Westbrook?
The overwhelming welcome we received as first time visitors was a natural draw for us. We felt as though we belonged at our first visit. Everyone was welcoming and inviting. That feeling has carried over each week and as our family has grown we really view Westbrook as the village that is helping to raise our children.

What has God been teaching you over the past year or so?
He has been teaching me to continue to put my trust in Him. The first time I truly did that, the results were unbelievable. As life continues to get more hectic and complicated, He is reminding me of the comfort & peace I feel when I trust in Him. I have to trust Him when He says He has a plan for me and it is good.

Is there an aspect of Westbrook’s future goals that particularly excites you?
I am extremely excited about the prospect of Westbrook’s local outreach influence continuing to grow. Imagining a future when an individual or family is in need and Westbrook is known as a resource for them to go to is very exciting.