Celebrating Together

Each year, at Westbrook, we take a Sunday service to celebrate what has happened, is happening right now, and will be happening in the near future.  It’s always amazing to hear how people have changed over the course of a year.  All the hardships, trials, loss, birth, joy, and growth…and that’s where I’d like to take us.

As the Worship Director at Westbrook, I’ve always wanted to develop a worship program that had multiple voices from the front.  That doesn’t just mean lead singers, but a diverse group that could share themselves with our community.

A few weeks ago, Johannah Castleman led worship in our services.  On Sundays when she leads, I have an opportunity to work with the Sound Team and help direct the elements in our services.  That Sunday was incredibly important for me because God really opened my eyes to what He’s built our team into.

We have a great group of musicians each week that are not only great at their chosen instruments, but also have humble and amazing hearts for worship and the people of Westbrook.

We have multiple worship leaders that give a different voice to our musical worship than I can.

We have dedicated Sound Techs that are always working hard to make our experience on Sunday mornings the best it can be.

We have a Media Tech that ensures our presentations look great, week in and week out.

We have a few folks helping make announcements way more fun and informative.

God has really grown the teams that I work with this year.  For that I’m incredibly humbled and grateful.

Ok.  Now it’s YOUR turn!  We want as many of you as are able to take a 1-minute or less video of what God has shown you or done in your life this year.  You can do it on your phone…and it obviously won’t take much time.  We’ll be using some of the videos in our June 4th Celebration Service.  Please understand that we won’t be able to use every video that comes in for that service.  We will try to use them all throughout the coming year!

Send your videos in to the link below:



Earlier this week I had a lunch date with my favorite little man.  Over our five dollar DQ lunch I entered the world of preschool.  I heard who was kind, who wasn’t, and who was out sick.  I learned what plants were growing and which ones were not.  I kept listening and learning and loving every moment of it.  Every moment – from the stories to the tone of his voice to the expression on his face! As we moved on to our ice cream sundaes,  I took a look at those who were lucky enough to share this lunch space with us.  What I saw made me sad.  I saw a room full of people not having lunch together.  I saw children with food in hand and eyes glued to the television bolted to the wall with the latest childrens show playing. I saw parents and grandparents with eyes glued to little screens.  People sharing space but not sharing lives.  People missing the moments right in front of them for the ones online.   So many of us are parenting distracted.  We are listening with one ear because the other is straining to hear the “ding” of a new text, email, snap or call.  We will easily put those in front of us on hold to answer or look up “just one thing”.  When we do this we are telling those around us, particularly our children that they are not as important as whatever is on the other end of that screen.  Is that true?  Is it true that “liking” that pic or posting that new selfie is more important than the person standing in front of you?  Here’s the thing guys – that stuff, the online stuff, will be there later; your kids, friends, family they won’t.  Your children will only want to share the details of their life for so long – do you want to miss it?  I challenge you to have family dinners and make them technology free.  You will be amazed how much information is shared!  That doesn’t work for you?  Find a day and name it family day.  Family day or family time is a tech free time.  Use this time to connect.  I promise you will not regret it.  Friends, I am in no way doing this perfectly but as I sat across the table from that sweet boy in the land of cell phones and television, I know for one afternoon I was close.