Puddles (Toddlers: 2-3 yr olds)

Your toddlers will learn very quickly that Jesus loves them as the volunteers model this love to them. Each week this class will hear a bible story, worship through song, participate in an application project, enjoy a snack, and learn through creative play.

In the event that a volunteer needs to contact a parent, we will text your cell phone.

*All of our children’s ministry volunteers are background checked and interviewed by a staff person prior to serving with children.

Well children only please!

To keep the children and volunteers healthy, children will not be permitted if they have experienced any of the following symptoms within the past 24 hours: Fever, chicken pox, pink eye (Conjunctivitis), discharge from eyes, ears or nose, vomiting or diarrhea, any rash (except diaper), persistent coughing or bringing up phlegm, diagnosed with/or being treated for a communicable disease.