Small Groups

We have many small group options – feel free to join any time of the year!

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So, what is a small group? A community (small) group takes the vision of the church and implements it on a tactical level. Where the large group is important for worship and teaching, the small group helps the members of the body to individualize the vision and practice what it means to belong, become like Christ, and be a blessing to the world.

Community groups are safe places where the model of the Acts 2 church can be realized. (Acts 2:41-47)
1. Teaching – “sharing the good news of Jesus Christ”
2. Fellowship – “sharing something in common”; caring for each other’s needs;
3. Breaking of bread – “sharing food together with humble hearts”
4. Prayer – “sharing in worship, in thankfulness, and each other’s burdens”
5. Serving – “sharing our gifts with people outside the church”

For more information about community/small group ministries visit the ‘small group’ table in the hall on Sundays or CLICK HERE.