We so often associate worship with music in the church today.  We know scripture calls us to sing praises to God, but worship is so much more.  We live our lives as sacrifices on behalf of Jesus Christ, which extends far beyond the times we gather to sing together as a community.  Music, however, is a major part of our communal worship experience each week.  At Westbrook, we strive to utilize music that contains rich lyrical content.  These songs promote a deeper and more complete understanding of Jesus and His loving sacrifice for us.  Authenticity is of the utmost importance at Westbrook, and we know you’ll see and feel that throughout our worship experience.


Here is a playlist of songs that we sing together regularly on Sundays:


If you are a part of the worship, production, or setup/teardown teams, here is a link for Planning Center Online – CLICK HERE

If you are interested in becoming a part of the musical worship team, production team, or environment/design team, please contact…
Jason Stegenga | Worship Director | jason.stegenga@westbrookonline.org