Learning Styles


Learning styles are important when we look at sharing or studying the Word of God.  So often we believe that the only way to truly study His Word is to sit down in a quiet space and read straight from the Bible.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Do you know how you learn best?  Knowing your learning style can help you study the Word and really make it speak to you.  Need some new ideas or not sure what your learning style is?  Keep reading….

If you are a verbal learner try grabbing a notebook and rewriting the Bible story.  Some more ideas would include creating a story to convey the point of the Bible story just read; try joining a Bible study where you can read out loud and/or process out loud.

Logical learners should also grab a notebook.  Use your notebook to write down questions as you read through and process a story. Then investigate and find the answers you are looking for.  Bible studies complete with background information are great for these type of learners.

Visual learners make the world a great place.  If you are a visual learner use it!  Create maps, timelines or diagrams to ‘see’ what you are studying.

Musical learners will learn best if verses are set to music.  If you are feeling creative invent a song of your own to reflect the current lesson.  Musical learners also may try to create the instruments described in the Bible.

Interpersonal learners need a celebration!  Plan a party with your current Bible lesson as the theme.  Invite others to the celebration and share what you’ve learned.

Physical learners can be part of the party!  Physical learners can act out the story.  These type of learners need to be moving!  Get creative – jumping jacks reflecting the verse number; jump rope while reciting a verse… you get the idea.

Learning styles are important.  Knowing how you learn best will help you get excited about the Word and draw you closer to Christ.

Are you a parent or grandparent?Its important to know that children also have learning styles.  Explore them and figure out what works best for them!

I’m excited to hear other ideas on how your learning style impacts how you study and learn the word of God.




Preparing For Something Great

Some of you who know me, know that I LOVE to fish.  When I’m out on the water, I find a sense of renewal and revelation.  Before a trip, I always make sure to do as much research as I can.  I also make sure all my rods are setup properly and my boat and trailer are safe and in working order.  I charge the batteries for my trolling motor and fish finder.  I make a checklist of all the things I need to bring with me.  I pack a cooler with food and drinks…

You get the picture.

I take quite a bit of time and energy to prepare…ensuring that my trip is as good as it can possibly be.  And each time I go on a trip, it takes less time and energy to prepare because it becomes a discipline.

Now take a second to think of the things you’re most passionate about and how you prepare to do them.  We tend to put our energy and time where we are passionate.

And yet, I find myself attending church completely unprepared.  I’m obviously prepared when I lead worship or have a significant role in a service.  But when I’m just attending, I show up.  Now, I’m not saying that just showing up isn’t ok.  There are times and seasons when just showing up is what we can do.  But our lives aren’t lived primarily in those seasons.

When I’m leading, I usually take some intentional time on Saturday evening, or in the shower on Sunday morning, and engage in a time of self-reflection.  Some weeks it involves thinking through all the ways, that I have realized, I didn’t live up to the standard that I know Christ is calling me to.  Other weeks my thoughts are centered on all the things that I am so thankful for.  My wife.  My home.  My redemption through Jesus.  My health.  The list could go on for quite some time.  And sometimes I simply pray that Christ would use me in whatever way he sees fit.  That prayer is pretty consistent.

So I want you to make a commitment to start preparing for our times together.  That might be more than once a week for some of you.  It’s kind of awkward at first.  Self-reflection and prayer can be that way.  Eventually it becomes a discipline.  That discipline not only draws you closer to Jesus, but it also encourages others at Westbrook.  I think that God uses these times of self-reflection and prayer to renew our passion.

Passion is contagious.