Last weekend, my wife and I drove down to Milwaukee to meet our new niece.  It was obviously a very significant and exciting time in our family.  We were getting text messages and pictures the entire ride down.  I naturally wanted to share all of this with my closest friends because that’s what we all do.  We want those people to experience the same excitement and energy that we are.

But at the same time as I was driving down to embrace the beginning of a journey, at least 3 of my friends were embracing the pain of losing someone close to them.  These people, who have played a significant part in my life, were experiencing the antithesis of my day.

And there was a moment of clarity for me.  I think we are privileged to have a few true moments of clarity in our lives, where some important truths are somehow revealed to us in a very specific set of circumstances.  Most of us can probably point to a few of them.  My moment of clarity didn’t revolve around how short life is, or how precious it is.  Those thoughts did run through my mind.  And those two statements are true.

But what really struck me was how any given event, on any given day, can completely change the way and dynamic of how we relate to each other.  The birth of a new child completely changes a family dynamic.  The same can be said of losing someone that has been a significant part of the fabric of our lives.

Life changes constantly.  I think we need to learn to constantly reflect and embrace the beauty of what we get to experience.  Each moment is new and holds something special.  And we will likely never get to experience the same thing again.

Learning Styles


Learning styles are important when we look at sharing or studying the Word of God.  So often we believe that the only way to truly study His Word is to sit down in a quiet space and read straight from the Bible.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Do you know how you learn best?  Knowing your learning style can help you study the Word and really make it speak to you.  Need some new ideas or not sure what your learning style is?  Keep reading….

If you are a verbal learner try grabbing a notebook and rewriting the Bible story.  Some more ideas would include creating a story to convey the point of the Bible story just read; try joining a Bible study where you can read out loud and/or process out loud.

Logical learners should also grab a notebook.  Use your notebook to write down questions as you read through and process a story. Then investigate and find the answers you are looking for.  Bible studies complete with background information are great for these type of learners.

Visual learners make the world a great place.  If you are a visual learner use it!  Create maps, timelines or diagrams to ‘see’ what you are studying.

Musical learners will learn best if verses are set to music.  If you are feeling creative invent a song of your own to reflect the current lesson.  Musical learners also may try to create the instruments described in the Bible.

Interpersonal learners need a celebration!  Plan a party with your current Bible lesson as the theme.  Invite others to the celebration and share what you’ve learned.

Physical learners can be part of the party!  Physical learners can act out the story.  These type of learners need to be moving!  Get creative – jumping jacks reflecting the verse number; jump rope while reciting a verse… you get the idea.

Learning styles are important.  Knowing how you learn best will help you get excited about the Word and draw you closer to Christ.

Are you a parent or grandparent?Its important to know that children also have learning styles.  Explore them and figure out what works best for them!

I’m excited to hear other ideas on how your learning style impacts how you study and learn the word of God.